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2014 Gun-A-Week

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  • john brekke:

    I could not find the list of guns for future drawings, could you direct me to them john

    • admin:

      John thanks for leaving a post. We are still working out the details for the raffle and should have a lot of questions wrapped up after the first week in August. We will make an announcement when all fine details are ironed out.

  • Chad Blotkamp:

    I was trying to locate the guns that are upcoming for the remainder of the 2011 draw, I was not able to locate the link for these.

    • admin:

      Morning Chad, sorry this was one thing that I forgot to carry over. If you notice under Popular Topics off to the right you will see a link under 2011 2 Guns-A-Week Winners labeled Flyer that will give you the info that you are looking for! Enjoy the day.

  • Mary:

    Amazing site with good article information. Keep the good posts coming.

  • Tom Witkowski:

    Would you please be kind enough to notify me, via e-mail, when the 2012 “Two Guns A Week” sales will be available. Thank you.

  • Very nice, i suggest webmaster can set up a forum, so that we can talk and communicate.

    • admin:

      James, what a fanatic idea! We will be working on this and be on the lookout for them to come very soon!