MT FWP Commissioners seek comment on Sage Grouse season closure

MT FWP proposed that the Commission vote to close the 2014 Sage Grouse season in Montana due to a decrease in the number of males counted on leks across the  state.  Pheasants Forever supports all management decisions based on scientific data, we believe along with numerous sportsman groups in the state that a season closure is not warranted nor scientifically based.  Montana has had the most liberal sage grouse hunting season of all Western states.  We ask our supporters to write a public comment to the MT FWP Commission asking them to explore adaptive management to sage grouse hunting.  We fully support a shorter season, smaller bag limits and area closures.  Please read attached letter to FWP commission and write a public comment.  The link is listed below:

Grouse Closure Letter.TMF SPW

Banquets Around the State!

2013/2014 Montana PF Chapter Banquets

September 2013:

7th- Saturday
Upper Missouri Chapter- Great Falls
Best Western Heritage Inn 5:30 pm
5:30-7:00 pm Open Bar
7:00-8:00 pm Roast Turkey Dinner
8:00 pm- Live Auction
October 2013:

11th- Friday
Daniels County Chapter- Flaxville
Flaxville School
Banquet Details- Flaxville Chapter
raffle ad- Flaxville Chapter

15th- Tuesday
Central Montana Chapter-Lewistown
Trade Center Lewistown, MT
Lewistown- Banquet Poster

15th- Tuesday

North Central Montana Chapter- Havre
Duck Inn- 1300 1st St.  Havre, MT 59501

December 2013:

 7th- Saturday
Richland County Chapter- Sidney
6:00 pm Social Hour
7:00 pm Dinner
Live Auction Following Dinner

February 2014:

 8th- Saturday
Choteau County Chapter- Fort Benton
Ag Center- next to the football fields

 March 2014:

 1st- Saturday
Beaverhead Chapter- Dillon

1st- Saturday
Mission Valley Chapter- Ronan
Ronan Community Center

 15th- Saturday
Five Valleys Chapter- Missoula

28th- Friday
Gallatin Valley Chapter- Bozeman


4th- Friday
Yellowstone Valley Chapter

Annual Gallatin Valley Chapter Membership Meeting

Gallatin Valley Chapter membership meeting on February 5, 2013 at 5:30 pm in the Goldenrodm Boardroom of the Hilton Garden Inn (2023 Commerce Way, Bozeman). Any and all PF members are encouraged to attend. This is the only time each year that we gather as a chapter to discuss the focus and direction of our habitat activities. We need everyones’ input. The meeting will include:

  • election of officers;
  • Treasurers report;
  • Opportunities for habitat improvement on DNRC lands and the future of upland bird habitat in Montana with the reduction of CRP;
  • Youth Program activities;
  • On-going Chapter habitat projects; and
  • Future Chapter habitat projects

For More Info:

Let Youth Be Served


“Suddenly pheasant tracks appeared in the fresh snow underfoot, and then Rocky plowed his way through a tangle of thorns and disappeared down the bank with his nose to the ground and his tail beating the air.”

A story that was featured in this past issue of the Pheasants Forever Magazine highlights Mark Schwomeyer from the eyes of his new friend and hunting partner Don Thomas.  Read and Enjoy!

Youth Served Story