Welcome to the Montana Pheasants Forever State Habitat Fund website! The mission of this website is to be the central hub for all hunters, non-hunters, farmers, ranchers, landowners, conservation enthusiasts and wildlife officials in Montana to come together to help with the conservation of habitat.

Pheasants Forever (PF) is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants,and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.



2015 Week 3 Winner

Week 3: (April 27, 2015)
Gun: Springfield Armory XD Tactical 9mm

Winner: Henry Gordon
Hometown: Chinook, MT
Ticket Number: 831

2015 Week 2 Winner

Week 2: (April 20, 2015)
Gun: Ruger SR22 Pistol 22LR

Winner: Winston Sommers
Hometown: Gold Creek, MT
Ticket Number: 244


Happy Tax Day 2015 Gun A Week Drawing

We are pleased to announce the first winner for the 2015 GAW raffle.  Our goal was to make someone’s Tax Day a little better!  We will continue drawings each Monday for the next 51 weeks.  Remember all guns are distributed through Don’s Sporting Goods in Lewistown, MT (406) 538-9408

Week 1: (April 15, 2015)
Gun: Browning A5 Stalker 12 gauge

Winner: Ron Lund
Hometown: Missoula, MT
Ticket Number: 363

Montana Pheasants Forever State Meeting May 2, 2015 Billings, MT

Montana Pheasants Forever will be holding our State Meeting at the Northern Hotel in Billings, MT.  We have a great list of folks presenting and hope that you can make the trip.  Our President and CEO Howard Vincent will be joining the meeting!  If you would like to attend or have any questions please contact Dan Bailey, MT Regional Representative at 406-586-8137 or dbailey@pheasantsforever.org

2014 GAW Week 52

Here it is folks…the last winner of the 2014 GAW drawing.  Thanks for the support and make sure you are in for the 2015 drawing starting next week on Wednesday April 15, 2015!

Week 52: (April 6, 2015)
Gun: Armalite 15A4B 5.56/223

Winner: Ben Roth
Hometown: Bozeman, MT
Ticket Number: 465

2014 Week 51 Winner

Week 51: (March 30, 2015)
Gun: Ruger 10/22 Takedown 22LR

Winner: Mick Harrington
Hometown: Billings, MT
Ticket Number: 1463

2014 Week 50 Winner

Week 50: (March 23, 2015)
Gun: Browning A-Bolt II Medallion 7MM-08

Winner: Cindy Crismore
Hometown: Sheridan, MT
Ticket Number: 399

2014 Week 49 Winner

Week 49: (March 16, 2015)
Gun: Browning Buckmark 22LR

Winner: Naomi Alhadeff
Hometown: Prosser, WA
Ticket Number: 1260


2014 Week 48 Winner

Week 48: (March 9, 2015)
Gun: Browning A-Bolt II Medallion 7MM Rem Mag

Winner: Gerret McFarland
Hometown: Miles City, MT
Ticket Number: 1357

2014 Week 47 Winner

Week 47: (March 2, 2015)
Gun: Ruger KNR5-10 22LR Revolver

Winner: Donald Kenny
Hometown: Havre, MT
Ticket Number: 769